Deferred Payment Rental

We’re here to lessen the burden of up-front costs stress and work with our clients individual specific budgets.
You tell us what works for you!

Inclusive Energy is pleased to roll out our new oilfield equipment deferred payment rental program to work with our customers strategically within their budgets with all our oil and gas rental equipment. Our program offers one dollar per barrel monthly rental rate on any size storage tank. Deferred payments due upon completion of projects.

Storage Tank Rentals

Ideal For:

  • Companies waiting to see well results prior to purchase commitment
  • Companies with limited capital facilities or a freeze on capital expenditures

 Benefits of Renting from Inclusive Energy:

  • Rentals allow better debt-to-equity ratios
  • Allows your financial and technical resources to be dedicated to core business objectives
  • Frees up cash tied up in owning hard assets, converting fixed costs into variable costs
  • Capital is not tied up in equipment that is not utilized on a regular basis
  • You can easily meet unexpected changes in project requirements so you don’t undersize equipment at your site

Inclusive Energy has become an industry leader in the custom design and manufacturing of specialized oilfield equipment. The company has more than 12 million liters of storage in permanent tank farms in Alberta and has an extensive inventory of equipment for rent or sale. We offer storage tanks that range in size from 100 BBL to 1,000 BBL that are available for lease, rent to own or purchase. Where we stand out from others is our massive inventory, when our clients need a piece of equipment, we have it in one of our three facilities across Alberta. When clients need customized equipment, Inclusive offers the complete service from engineering and design to fabrication and delivery.

Storage Tank Rental Inquiry