Inclusive Energy’s rig mats are constructed for long term usage, safety and reliability. They are built with quality using brand new materials with above industry standards.We have 3-ply laminated access matting, rig mats, and swamp mats for a number of applications, including oil and gas exploration, hydro, and construction for creating temporary remote access roads, camp and drilling pads, and safe, stable work platforms capable of supporting heavy equipment on soft, muddy lease sites or muskeg.

Inclusive Energy carries large stock of rig mats at all our Alberta locations, including Red Deer, Buck Lake, Edmonton, Llodyminster and Medicine Hat. They are ready for immediate pickup or delivery. Our team offers transportation services for those who would like the whole package for convenience. Inclusive Energy’s engineered rig mats are lighter, stronger, and much easier to handle than conventional rig mats. We know exactly what goes into the production of our rig mats so we are confident in your satisfaction.

Our inventory includes standard sizes of 8′ X 20′ and 8′ X 40′ rig mats. 4′ X 20′ and 4′ X 40′ walkways and Interlocking 8′ X 16′ mats are available upon request.

  • Eco Access Mat
  • Hybrid Eco Access Mat
  • Fir Access Mat
  • Solid Surface Spruce Access Mat
  • Laminated
  • Cross Beam
  • Custom Mats
rig mats
  • 4 Beam – Heavy Duty Rig Mat / Matting Board
  • 4 Beam – Heavy Duty Rig Mat / Matting Board
  • 3 Beam – Standard Rig Mat / Matting Board
  • 2 Beam – Camp or Walkway Mat
  • Steel wide flange construction
  • Lifting shackles and reinforced side lifting pockets
  • Customizable options – mouse hole, rate hole, fork deflectors, well center mats, etc.
Inclusive Energy 2000 BBL Accommodations

Equipment Sales & Rental

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