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Many wells are left off and stopped for production due to high costs of operations involving the hydrate plugs. To prevent the removal of hydrate plugs, line heaters are used. Line heaters stop the possible formation of hydrates.Using a line heater is the most effective way to prevent this. Oilfield line heaters also warm up the flow of the water in order to improve the separation process. The process of warming up works better when the coil of the water has enough “passes” for the heat to transfer more quickly. A line heater also allows you to maintain an ideal temperature in the well.

Depending on the need, Inclusive Energy can customize coil arrangements as well as devise something for pressures as high as 15,000 psi. This type of customization allows you to achieve an efficient and economical combination. Whatever you need the line heater for, there is usually a wide range of sizes to choose from. We can work specifically for your application and according to the specific needs of your business.


Line Heater -stock

  • Includes expansion tank, 12 removable U-tube fire tube and stack
  • Sweet or sour service process coil
  • Multiple reheat coil configuration: 2500, 1500, 900, 600, 300, 150 ANSI
  • B149.3 compliant BMS
  • Units are insulated with 1-1/2 mineral wool insulation with aluminum outer cladding
  • Instrumentation enclosed in controls box
  • Unit is skid mounted with wide flange skid
  • Heater is packaged in accordance with ASME Section VIII / B31.3
  • Optional choke
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