Rig Mats

Our rig mats are built to last and will stay level and square for a long time, even under high stress and ground pressure. For companies requiring custom solutions, we will manufacture rig mats to your needs.

A rigid combination of steel and wood creates light, easy to set up rig mats that resist cracking and warping.

A variety of in-stock 8’ x 20’/30’/40’ rig mats with 3 or 4 beam steel frame, built at least 6” thick. Built with side beam shackles for easier lifting and placing, this is ideal for projects where mats have to regularly change location.

Types of Rig Mats Include:

  • Eco Access Mat
  • Hybrid Eco Access Mat
  • Fir Access Mat
  • Solid Surface Spruce Access Mat
  • Laminated
  • Cross Beam
  • Custom Mats
  • 4 Beam – Heavy Duty Rig Mat / Matting Board
  • 3 Beam – Standard Rig Mat / Matting Board
  • 2 Beam – Camp or Walkway Mat
  • Steel wide flange construction
  • Lifting shackles and reinforced side lifting pockets
  • Customizable options – mouse hole, rate hole, fork deflectors, well center mats, etc.

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