Inclusive Energy

Investing in the North American Energy Industry

Inclusive Energy Limited, a leader in the Oil & Gas services sector,  has launched a private equity capital fund dedicated to investing in the North American energy and natural resource industries, including the upstream, midstream, infrastructure, oilfield services and renewables sectors.  Inclusive Energy targets and is actively seeking investment opportunities in companies and assets led by experienced management teams, which offer a strong financial return and sustainable growth potential. Inclusive Energy offers a wide range of funding alternatives and provides creative and innovative financial solutions for capital requirements.

Inclusive Energy is part of the Habib Group, a global leader across a wide range of industries ranging from Banking and other financial services to manufacturing of Commodities and biofuels.

As a financial partner, Inclusive Energy works alongside management to add value and progress their vision and growth strategy, while ensuring return on investment and optimization of commercial assets is maximized for the benefit of all stakeholders. The management team of Inclusive Energy has decades of specialized experience in the financial, banking and energy sectors, focusing on resource development and value creation. Inclusive Energy utilizes a selective and disciplined approach to capital management, providing investment structures and financial returns that are aligned with acceptable risk profiles.

Our target Investment amounts start at C$500,000 up to a C$15,000,000 depending on investment type and associated term. These financing structures may include investment at the corporate level through equity or debt instruments, or alternatively, as an investment in assets or projects, either through direct participation or by the granting of a royalty interest.


Inclusive Energy has a comprehensive investment strategy for the purpose of identifying and structuring investable projects that, through efficient capital allocation, can enable companies and projects to achieve growth targets, while meeting the risk-adjusted return thresholds of investors.

As a capital partner, Inclusive Energy can offer a broad range of accretive financing alternatives for companies or projects, providing the opportunity for Inclusive to invest through equity or debt instruments, or to gain economic participation by direct investments or arranging joint ventures in commercial assets.

While Inclusive Energy maintains financial and funding flexibility, the following general guidelines are utilized on initial investments:

• Target average investment size starting from Cdn$500,000 going up to Cdn$15 million (with a minimum annual return of 12-15%).

• Debt instruments secured by first charge on assets (to a maximum of 50-75% of assets value). Loan terms of 12 months or longer, depending on risk profile and coverage.

• Equity investments, provided a threshold % ownership is acquired, together with Board representation and some active guidance at the corporate level.

• Other alternative and innovative investment structures such as direct participation in assets and/or royalty arrangements.

Inclusive Energy Upstream Investments