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200-100 BBL

Inclusive Energy’s 200-100 BBL tanks are manufactured to exceed industry standards.  They are designed in accordance with API12F,, 620 and 650 design specifications, including dimensions and internal and external pressures. Our tanks are externally insulated and we offer 100% internally coated models that are available for sweet or sour projects.

All of our storage tanks are built for the option to be insulated or EnviroVaulted upon customer request. Our tanks are available to purchase, rent or rent-to-own.

If you are requiring some extra customization Inclusive Energy also keeps a stock of bare steel cans that are ready for quick modification and fast turnarounds. We can also produce equipment that is customized and specialized for your needs. Shop fabricated tanks ranging from 50bbl to 3000bbl capacity and up to 23’6” in diameter and up to 48’ in height.

200-100 BBL TYPES
  • Storage
  • Process
  • Production
  • Skim
  • POP
  • De-sand
  • Mud
  • Flare
  • Rental Style
  • Single and double wall (up to 3,000 BBL)
  • Flat or sloped floor
  • Internal and external coatings and insulation in accordance with industry standards
  • Internal epoxy coating for corrosion resistance
  • Internal epoxy coating for corrosion resistance
  • Custom skid and/or anchor chair design for pile installations
  • Heate, Split ladder, Internal piping
  • Fire-tube/burner heating systems, glycol heat coils, electric heat coils, etc.
200-100 BBL

Equipment Sales & Rental

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