Inclusive Energy

Investing in the North American Energy Industry

Inclusive Energy Upstream Investments

Inclusive Energy Ltd. (“Inclusive”) is a recognized Canadian market front runner in the oilfield equipment services sector.

Since its inception in 2010, Inclusive has successfully achieved its


• To become a leader in the sales and rental of oilfield equipment, as well as chemical storage and distribution.
• To create collaborative solutions and sustainable partnerships with customers by providing quality products at competitive market prices.
• To maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction.

Investment Fund:

To complement its Equipment Operations, Inclusive has also diversified its oil & gas portfolio through the successful launch of a Private Equity Capital Fund dedicated to investing in the North American energy and natural resource industries.

Strategy & Alignment:

• Inclusive has created strategic partnerships and financings with a number of Canadian oil and gas producers.
• The producers are led by experienced and proven management teams.
• Investment in these companies provides Inclusive with strong financial returns and growth potential with a sustainable ESG commitment.
• These investment partnerships create a natural strategic alignment – utilizing an innovative and holistic approach, whereby the producing companies benefit from access to both financial resources and equipment.

Equipment Division:

Inclusive Energy offers one of the largest inventory of oilfield equipment available in Canada. Under its model:

• Inclusive strategically purchases distressed and/or under-utilized surplus equipment from producers for significant discounts on the dollar, providing liquidity to the producer for an otherwise inactive tangible asset.
• Inclusive is then able to refurbish, if required, and resell or rent the equipment at considerable premiums resulting in attractive returns on capital for Inclusive.
• Inclusive can also complement customers equipment needs with its own custom designed and manufactured equipment inventory.

Inclusive Energy offers convenience and considerable savings for customers through its entire package of services – from design, custom fabrication, repair and reconditioning of existing equipment, sales of new and used equipment to delivery and set up. Customers are also able to take advantage of the company’s lending and rent-to own financing options.

With its flexible finance and payment options, Inclusive is able to offer a broad line of oilfield products including:

Custom Production Equipment

• Storage Tank Sales and Rentals
• Oilfield Equipment
• Permanent Tanks – Stock, Custom-Designed or Field Fabricated

Energy Equipment

• Line Heaters
• Separator Packages
• Rig Matting
• Coating
• Wellsite Accommodation
• Pumpjacks

Surface Equipment

• Storage Tanks Single/Double wall
• Tank Farms
• Rig Matting
• Access Matting
• Office Trailers and well-site Shacks

Investment Fund (Upstream Financing):

With its ongoing investments in both public and private companies in the upstream sector, Inclusive is continuing to build its portfolio of well-managed companies and establish its market presence as a provider of capital solutions for the junior upstream sector, focused on value creation. The funding investments by Inclusive complement its existing oilfield equipment business and the partnerships offer unique synergies and efficiencies for the producing companies to deploy capital and unlock the potential of their assets. Under its partnership arrangements, in additional to providing investment in the early stages, Inclusive will be a key provider of oilfield equipment to all of the companies as they deploy capital.

As a financial partner, Inclusive Energy works alongside management to add value and progress their vision and growth strategy, while ensuring return on investment and optimization of commercial assets is maximized for the benefit of all stakeholders. Inclusive Energy offers a wide range of funding alternatives and provides creative and innovative financial solutions for capital requirements.

Investment Mandate:

• Inclusive Energy has a comprehensive investment strategy for the purpose of identifying and structuring investable projects that, through efficient capital allocation, can enable companies and projects to achieve growth targets, while meeting the risk-adjusted return thresholds of investors.
• As a capital partner, Inclusive Energy can offer a broad range of accretive financing alternatives for companies or projects, providing the opportunity for Inclusive to invest through equity or debt instruments.
• Under the Investment Fund, target Investment amounts start at C$1MM (minimum) up to a C$30MM + depending on investment type and associated term.
• Inclusive may also gain economic participation by direct investments or arranging joint ventures in commercial assets.

The creation of strategic partnerships and investment in these companies in the upstream market is a continuation and further validation of Inclusive’s proven, successful investment platform.


Inclusive Energy is part of the Habib Group, a global leader across a wide range of industries ranging from Banking and other financial services to manufacturing of Commodities and biofuels.

The management team of Inclusive Energy has decades of specialized experience in the financial, banking and energy sectors, focusing on resource development and value creation. Inclusive Energy utilizes a selective and disciplined approach to capital management, providing investment structures and financial returns that are aligned with acceptable risk profiles.

Inclusive Energy Upstream Investments